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Professional Wedding Planner • Fine Artist + Graphic Designer

Incognito Cowgirl • Amateur Homesteader • Mountain Dew Connoisseur 


Autumn is the creative energy behind two other luxury wedding businesses, located in Western Montana (Events by Autumn and Winter Paper Co.).  Autumn graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go TARHEELS!) with degrees in both Studio Art + Costume Design.  She's been putting the artist skills to use in all of her "Signature Events" - which are hand crafted, fine art weddings.  You'll often find her stitching custom linens, creating custom graphic designs, or building one-of-a-kind wedding decor so her weddings are truly one of a kind.  Autumn has been planning, fabricating, designing and producing memorable events for over a decade.  She is known for her "Signature Events" where she creates luxury Fine Art Weddings, leaving guests talking about the wedding day experience and details for years to come!  As you can imagine, the amount of decor and custom builds has now grown over the years, and it became a natural progression to rent her unique inventory to the public, and offer her fabrication skills to other luxury wedding clients.


Autumn is passionate about what she does, and loves the creativity, personalization, and all the details involved in Event planning.  You can read her full story at: 


Welder • Delivery + Install  • The Muscle

Walter Crawford_MADE Rentals.png

Walt is the second half of our Fabrication team.  He helps with the larger fabrication projects and does our welded projects. You'll see him on big jobs, helping with the installation too.  He's Autumn's fiance, so he unknowingly signed up for this when he asked Autumn to marry him.  But that's ok.  He's super laid back and supportive and is the opposite energy to Autumn, so it balances out.


Shop Dog • UPS Greeting Committee  • Human Resources


The best dog you'll ever meet, who might as well be staff.  When jobs allow dogs, he sometimes tags along in the truck. When we're up late, working, he's right there with us.  He receives our nearly daily UPS shipments with a wag.  He's also a sounding board for construction issues, or general business concerns, so we'll call him HR.  He also ensures a good work-life balance by demanding attention, pets, and walks throughout the day.

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